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Champions League final 2014: Real Madrid Defeated Atletico Madrid After exciting 120 Minutes

Real Madrid has won the exciting final of Champions League 2014 after defeating Atletico Madrid. The breathtaking 120 minutes took this match to extreme level but at the end Real Madrid done what they were up to. Saturday evening was settled for Real Madrid to write a history once again. Lisbon will remember this win forever. Although Atletico was leading after the first 36th minutes of the match but time changed and everything came towards the Real Madrid.

After taking lead Atletico starting playing defensively which costed them for a life time. On the 94th minute of the final Sergio Ramos surprised the fans with a corner kick and equaled the goals of both teams. After that on the 110th minute one Real Madrid increased their lead with one more goal. Marcelo snatched the match scoring 3rd goal of the match on 118th minute that made everything cleared for Real Madrid.

How Can Cristiano Ronaldo forget scoring goal in a very important match, he scored the final and match setter goal in the very last minute of this enormous final match of Champions League. Although Atletico didn’t won the final but their struggle was very keen to get this title this year and everyone should appreciate their best try ever. After Defeating Atletico Madrid by 4-1, Real Madrid is now holding Ten Victories in Major European Club Football Competitions.

The Match is ended just some moments ago but hearts of the fans are still beating too fast. Hundred of people would be celebrating this victory of Real Madrid while Atletico fans would be sad. What we’ve got from this match is 120 minutes full of enjoyment, giggles, laughs, fights, emotions and thrills. Both teams played really well.

But if we don’t congratulate Real Madrid at this point it’s not Good. We Congratulate Real Madrid on behalf of NewerFeed Team and visitors a very happy win again Atletico Madrid and thanking team for providing us some memorable moments.

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